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Current Wishlist- Maybe I Need A Holiday

by aneeqlondon August 2, 2017 7 comments
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1.  Alice + Olivia Hester Ribbed Knit Cardigan at Net-A-Porter: £610
2. Ted Baker Thalia Bag: £129
3. A Holiday to Basically Anywhere: £Unknown
4. Vertical Striped Wide Leg Pants at SheIn: £21.00
5. Belted Box Pleated Palazzo Pants: £20
6. Georgia Bag at Paul’s Boutique: £72

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Hey guys,
So it’s been a really busy week with a family wedding coming up and with the impending move (don’t mean to sound so gloomy but it is stressful). The unpredictable weather is really not helping things, and the rain has given me a really strong case of holiday blues. I would like nothing more than to crawl into bed and hope all my clutter, magically moves by itself. However, since I’m a perfectionist and want things done a particular way, I’m probably going to have to handle most things myself (get ready for some house moving/ DIYing posts). Anyway, nothing makes me feel better then a spot of retail therapy.

The Alice + Olivia ribbed cardigan is actually handmade and takes 12 hours to put together (does that explain the hefty price tag?). I love the shade of pink used and I can totally imagine wearing this at a cold air conditioned airport (see the need for a holiday is creeping into my every thought) or on the plane, or even on a cool Summer/Autumn day. It’s the type of cardigan you can throw over any old blouse/t-shirt and make your outfit look instantly chic.

Floral bags which are still subtle, fit the weather (raining with bursts of sunshine). I adore this bag from Ted Baker, which I’ve featured before in my Workwear guide. It’s the perfect work bag and everyday bag. It’s large enough to carry all the essentials (plus baby things) and has compartments which would help keep some semblance of organisation (my bag is pretty disorganised/more about that in my next post).

My Maldives picture is a huge hint to my biggest supporter (my husband). I would love a holiday right about now. If you’re reading this, surprise me please. I think moving is time consuming, all-consuming even. I do not know how we managed to gather so much clutter over the years. Plus choosing items for our new house is even more daunting. What if I choose the wrong colour?! I should really stop stressing, but I guess it’s in my nature to worry about the small details. I haven’t even purchased tea towels yet and the thought of no dishwasher… I’ll stop for now.

Floral pants, especially tropical pants (these look quite similar to the ones that were available in Zara) remind me of Summer and of course holidays! The reasonable price and vibrant colour have made these a must-have if I ever do end up going somewhere warmer.

Palazzo waist pants are a godsend for people with larger hips than waist. I love the colour Khaki and feel that is an underrated shade. These shades are flattering and look good with so many colours. The size and cut of these pants make them perfect for modest wear and the waist belt is perfect to highlight the slowly disappearing waistline!

This Paul’s Boutique bag is quite sensible for my usual tastes. I guess moving in to my own place is bringing out the sensible side of me. The mustard yellow on the sides of the bag adds a little bit of fun to an otherwise structured and tame bag. I feel as if I need some structure and organisation in my life, especially if I want to get things done. This bag is an art form, resembling my current needs!

Is there anything on your wishlist this week? I would love to hear in the comments below. If you want notifications straight to your inbox, please subscribe below.

Aneeq London

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